Hallowed - Cynthia Hand

I feel like I read this somewhere and I'm not totally making this up -- but apparently there is/was talk of making the Unearthly series into a TV series? I think this is the PERFECT place for these books. Get 'em on the CW stat, and I bet it would do amazeballs.

Like, go. Somebody. Now.

Anywhooo. *clears throat* On with le review.

In my review of Unearthly, I complained about a lack of emotional connection to the main character(s). I guess I was feeling a little bit more connected this book because, ugh, that last quarter of the book, my heart was hurting. I mean, I wasn't sobbing in my cereal or anything, but I certainty felt something.

*pokes chest*

I KNEW it wasn't empty in there.

So I found Clara to be much more bearable in Hallowed (character growth ftw here guys.) And for the love triangle (sigh) -- I finally chose a corner (Christian's.) I don't care how ruggedly sexy and relatable the cowboy is, Christian was there for her this book. And not in like a creepy stalkerish kind of way. He was just there when she needed a friend or needed cheering up or someone to talk to. Plus, their connection is as hot as it is annoying (annoying for them, in real life. I'd imagine, at least.) He knows she's comforted by his presence (and she knows he knows, and he knows she knows he knows, if you really want to get into it. But we won't.) Tucker was unattractively jealous and controlling for the majority of the book. Not cool, bro.

But, despite the fact that I was feeling a little more connected with this book, I still didn't LOVE it. The pacing seemed off at times, the big wham!bam twists just weren't that twisty, and I think if I have to read the words "laugh/exhale" one more time I might just start throwing things. Just. NO. Exhale/laugh does not make you clever, Cynthia Hand, nor does it make Christian unique because MOST PEOPLE exhale when they laugh. OKAY? Ugh. I have never cringed harder, and I've watched Twilight. MULTIPLE TIMES.

But. Alas. I have to finish the series because I hafta (because I hafta, okay?) But if all three books weren't published, you can bet this is would be on my never-gonna-finish shelf. But now that I'm 2/3 of the way committed, I'm gonna have on and see how this all plays out.