City of Bones - Cassandra Clare

*edit* so I'm bumping my rating up to four stars because I CANNOT get this FREAKING SERIES and the STUPID CHARACTERS out of my DAMN BRAIN. It's ridiculous! In a good way. At least... I think.

But I figure that worth another star at least. I suppose sometimes you don't realized how much you enjoyed a book until two months after you've read it.



April 02, 2013:

2.5 stars. But I'm feeling generous. Because... of reasons.

Soooo I'm having a hard time coming up with something to say about City of Bones, which I think actually sums up my thoughts on this one quiet poetically.

It wasn't a bad book. I didn't hate it. I just... didn't... love it.

It was tolerable. The writing was actually surprising good. (Going into it, I had pictured something a little more Stephenie Meyer-esque.) But I can't look back and think of anything I particularly loved. Even Jace -- I mean, the whole cocky/funny bad-boy just doesn't particularly interest me any more. Maybe if I had read this when it was first published, I would have fallen a little harder. Or maybe I'm just getting too old to fall for a 16 (17?) year-old fictional character. Who knows.

I think that if you look at the length of time it took me to get through this one you'll see I wasn't quite digging it. I don't know, maybe it had something to do with my brain yelling "Valentine is Voldemort, Clary is Ginny, Jace is Draco!!!" the whole time, or the fact that I had an insanely difficult time accepting that adults let these KIDS (yes, kids. Clary is only 15 for the first half of the novel) run around, fully armed, slaying demons and putting themselves in a ridiculous amount of danger. (Oh god, I'm seriously determined to let my age show in this review, aren't I? I'mnotthatoldIswear.)

But the thing that really, REALLY did bother me about this book -- the way everyone seemed SO eager to offer up information. Nothing is withheld to create even a shred of suspense. I mean, Jace is all like "oooh mundanes can't know about the shadowhunter world, but if you'll hang around for 2.5 seconds I'll tell you everything you need to know." Like, keep it in your pants for a few, mmmkay? Geeez. That goes for all of you -- Hodge. Luke. Valentine. You know, it's a sign of a terrible villain when you go around bragging about your plans to your enemies. No wonder you had to go into hiding for 16 years. Sigh.

But honestly, I powered through this book because I want to see the movie when it comes out. Because of Jamie Campbell Bower. Yep. That's right, I read this book for a man I don't even know. *shrugs* I've done worse, I'm sure.

SO. All that being said, will I continue reading the series? Why, yes. Because of ONE reason (okay, after reading the last like 20 pages of the book it became two reasons because they CAN'T siblings fer fucks sakes, they CAN'T Anyway, I'm lending my bff my e-reader, and she happens to have the entire series in paperback so we figured a little exchange was in order. Hopefully it doesn't take me a month to get through each book in the rest of The Mortal Instruments series though, because I just maybe never see my beloved kobo again :(