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A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin

Ahhh what can I say? It's good. I loved it. My hubs and I started watching the show as I was reading the books (never getting ahead of the books, of course.) The books are so much better, in my humble opinion, but hubs seems to be loving the show, so whatever. It's all awesomeness.


But in lieu of a review, here are a short list of things I could commonly be heard muttering/yelling/crying/sobbing while reading:


(*spoilery if you haven't read Clash of Kings or watched season 2)


"Ah. It's so good. SO GOOD."


"JON SNOW!!" *Followed by a swoon (er, maybe this was more while watching the show. Either way. Yay Jon Snow.)


"No no no no no no no no..."




Seriously. Of all the evil and nastiness in this series so far, I hate Greyjoy more than anyone. More than any other fictional villain of all time, maybe. And you know, he's not even really a villain -- just a spineless sack a shat that I hope dies a slow, painful death.


Fuck. You. Greyjoy.